Royalsunn Enterprises

Shogun Assason

Shogun Assason a native of Steubenville Ohio is member of the rap group Killarmy an affiliate of the legendary group Wu Tang Clan. Being one of the most successful group out of the wu tang camp they went on and release three successful album Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars(1997), Dirty Weaponry(1998), Fear, Love & War(2001). After the group efforts Shogun collaborated on few solo projects within the family and in 2007 went on with few other Wu killa bee members on a large European tour titled as Wu Tang Killa Bees. Still fresh off the tour Shogun along with his Killarmy brother Kinetic 9 who bonds perfectly together started recording materials for a joint album.

However, due to another European tour set up for them both along some French rappers , they left the album unfinished. After many years of struggle and some very difficult times , Shogun Assason killarmy’s silent weapon finally decided to pursue his solo career and give what the fans have always been waiting for.

A mixtape is due early may with brand new songs and the album fall 2012 among many other project.


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