Royalsunn Enterprises

About us

Royalsunn Enterprises is a fast-growing organization dedicated to the music industry and
promoting brands with professionalism and a proven successful grass root approach. Through its
strong sense of development, production, administration, marketing, and distribution strategies,
Royalsunn Enterprises provides an all-encompassing service ensuring positive results to its
Established in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, California, Royalsunn Enterprises initially started
solely as a management group with its simple yet effective plan to guide and enhance the careers
of its artists.

By 2011, Royalsunn Enterprises made its mark internationally by establishing an active physical
presence in Paris, France and the launch of its Royalsunn 160 label signing an acclaimed roster
of artists and collaborators.

But this is just the beginning—Royalsunn Enterprises is constantly evolving and strengthening
its business ventures in music production, video production, and events planning.

Music Production: The Royalsunn Enterprises Music Department works
closely with talented musicians and producers from all music genres to
offer the perfect soundtrack for advertisement and movie scores.

Video Production: The Royalsunn Enterprises Video Production
Department’s team of skilled editors work meticulously on
advertisement teasers, independent documentary projects, and music
videos with experience and state of the art technology. Editing
professionals are also available to edit already made video reels. The
editing team is also open and flexible in discussing prices regardless
of high or low video production budgets.

Events Planning: Royalsunn Enterprises is also planning special events in United
States and France as well as promoting concerts worldwide in the near

In addition to these special events, Royalsunn Enterprises and featured artist Shogun are proud to
announce the start of their charity foundation to fight hunger worldwide. To volunteer or donate
to support the cause, please contact us for additional details.

For more information on Royalsunn Enterprises and its departments including its upcoming
Fashion and merchandising Department, please contact us.


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